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The Four Builders of Toffee

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Sugar has been used to sweeten products up all over the world since the 8 th century BC. In India, it was made into syrup, and then brought over in mass quantity by the Greeks where it found its way into Western Europe and became a staple. Today, its most important purpose is the main ingredient in toffee.

Corn Syrup: 

Simply made from the starch corn, this spectacular ingredient prevents toffee from overly hardening. It then enhances the sweet and salty flavors.


Who doesn’t love to add a little butter? Its flavor complements sweet things and makes whatever you’re cooking or baking nice and moist. Butter has been an important product for more than 3,000 years. In the 21ts century, it continues to be a beloved pancake and toffee ingredient.

California Almonds:

The almond, native to the Middle East and South Asia, was brought to the United States over 400 years ago. It grows best in California—the worldwide leader of almond exportation today. The best almonds are added to make for the best toffee.

These natural ingredients come together to give you a perfected recipe for Prime Toffee. Prime Toffee is located in Park City and Orem, Utah - where it is packaged just for you!

We’ve found that the less ingredients that are added to a recipe, the better tasting the end product is. Those ingredients also have to be the finest of their kind. That’s why our toffee is only made with sugar, corn syrup, real butter and California almonds—the perfect combo for the most mouth-watering toffee.


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