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Salty or Sweet

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Sometimes, it’s hard to tell what we want to eat. This especially happens around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Before the cravings even hit, you know you’ll want one of two things: something salty or something sweet.

If the craving leans more toward salt, you’ve got a couple of options. First, you make your way over to the vending machine to see if they have your favorite potato chips left. If they do, you’ll have to hope that this time, those chips will make it from the jaws of the machine to you. Last time didn’t work out so well; you put in three quarters, pressed D4 and still nothing happened.

There are other salt options. You could eat some salted peanuts. Although last time you tried that, your mouth was raw for a week. There’s also beef jerky, pretzels and anything else down the snack aisle at the grocery store. Those might be able to satisfy your salt craving.

But what if you’re craving something sweet? The whole game changes. You can risk going back to the vending machine. They have lots of candy bars, fruit snacks and cookies that are probably less than two-years old. The quality isn’t that great, but they could get the job done.

Now here’s the real dilemma: what happens when you want both? You can’t wait to fill up on something salty and savory, but you also want something sweet. 

If this has ever happened to you, Prime Toffee has your back. Our toffee is made from natural ingredients that come together to create the perfect sensation of salty and sweet.

Next time you can’t decide between a salty or sweet snack, just eat some Prime Toffee and have both!


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