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Almonds: The Healthy Part of Prime Toffee

Did you know that just a handful of almonds a day can help you maintain healthy cholesterol levels? That’s why we make Prime Toffee with the freshest California almonds. Let’s be honest, the other ingredients in our toffee may be naturally delicious, but they aren’t always the healthiest. Luckily for you, we’ve balanced out the sugar [...]

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The Missing Christmas Ingredient - Prime Toffee

There was a time when candy was something special, not just a cheap way to stuff stockings. Sugary concoctions were kept in glass cases and delivered in brown paper bags as special christmas gifts. The world has changed. Candy is mass produced in hundreds of varieties, and many people have forgotten that candy was ever [...]

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Salty or Sweet

Sometimes, it’s hard to tell what we want to eat. This especially happens around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Before the cravings even hit, you know you’ll want one of two things: something salty or something sweet.If the craving leans more toward salt, you’ve got a couple of options. First, you make your way over [...]

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The Four Builders of Toffee

Sugar:  Sugar has been used to sweeten products up all over the world since the 8 th century BC. In India, it was made into syrup, and then brought over in mass quantity by the Greeks where it found its way into Western Europe and became a staple. Today, its most important purpose is the main ingredient in [...]

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New 1 lb. Combo pack-available, 3 toffee styles in one box. Order today for Valentines.

You now can enjoy Almond Butter Toffee in our new 1 lb. box with all three styles- Chunk Style, bite size, and Chocdolate covered Toffee.  Its crunchy, chewy and melt-in your-mouth deliciousness. 

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