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The Missing Christmas Ingredient - Prime Toffee

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There was a time when candy was something special, not just a cheap way to stuff stockings. Sugary concoctions were kept in glass cases and delivered in brown paper bags as special christmas gifts.

The world has changed. Candy is mass produced in hundreds of varieties, and many people have forgotten that candy was ever special at all. Every Christmas consumers spend about $1.5 billion on candy, which tells us people still think candy is special. But finding quality candy for christmas gifts at affordable prices is difficult.

Christmas ToffeePrime Toffee makes old fashioned treats that still mean something. We do one thing, toffee, and we do it well. We make the kind of toffee that children used to eat slowly so that it would last longer, the kind of toffee grandpa used to break into pieces and share with the grandkids. It’s the perfect mix of butter, sugar, and nuts. It’s the perfect christmas gift too.

When you buy Prime Toffee, you’re getting more than candy. You’re getting a christmas gift rich with flavor and christmas tradition. We offer bite sized toffee, chocolate covered toffee, and good old fashioned chunks of toffee.

As you look for something sweet to put under the tree this year, take a look at Prime Toffee. Our sweet, crunchy toffee is a sentimental christmas gift. Prime Toffee brings something special back to Christmas candy, and we do it at a price that can’t be beat.

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