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Meet Ross

How Prime Toffee Came to Be

Hello! I am Ross Cheesman, dentist by profession. My career has been dedicated to the saving of teeth and their supporting structures in the mouth. It probably seems ironic that a dentist would be interested in distributing candy to the world, but there are circumstances that justify my moving forward with this venture.

dentist.pngFirst of all, I love toffee and I know others share in this enjoyment. Secondly, eating candy does not “cause tooth decay” in and of itself, so there's no actual conflict. There are some out there who need explanation of the tooth-decay process to understand what I mean. Sugar, in any form or type, needs to be consumed in moderation, of course. Having said that, the bacteria in your mouth is what actually causes decay. 

When the bugs feed on the sugars that are ingested by a person, by-products from the bugs include acid that causes decay. Keep the bacteria off of the teeth, and sugar will not harm your teeth. 


Brushing and flossing daily keeps the bacteria away from your teeth and gums. By the way--I include a small flossing tool in each box of Prime Toffee that we sell. End of Dental lesson.

For fifteen years I enjoyed a wonderful almond coated toffee that inspired me to give to family and friends. The recipients always responded with delight. When I retired I wanted to do something that would expand my passion. I was passionate about Toffee and PrimeToffee.com was born.

Our delicious recipe has existed since 1921. It includes all natural ingredients: the freshest California almonds, corn syrup, egg albumen, butter made from milk/cream, sugar, and vanillin. The chocolate covered delights are immersed in a mixture of milk chocolate, cocoa butter, and cocoa. Enough about the ingredients.Buy Toffee Online

This confection is crunchy, chewy, melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Everybody bites, chews, says “oo-uum”, and looks at the candy in disbelief. It is seldom that anyone can eat only one. That is why my friends and I enjoy this “crunchy, chewy, melt-in-your-mouth goodness” almond butter toffee year-round.

Our marketing was originally aimed at Utah’s vacation areas, and business gift sales in the Western United States. Some executives at Overstock.com sampled our toffee and called to request it for their Main Street Gourmet foods section… and there we are.

I invite you to be the next person to enjoy the Prime Toffee experience.


Ross Cheesman


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