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How Toffee Came to Be

Some people think that the English word “toffee” is derived from the old English word “taffy.” Taffy is a candy that was invented centuries ago. It originally meant a colorful candy that comes with its own jokes and goes after the word “laffy”.

However, this is a common misconception among the English candy community. The word T.O.F.F.E.E. actually began as an acronym. The people of England sat down and came up with these descriptive words for the newly discovered candy:

T- Taffy has nothing on this stuff

O- Orem has this really great toffee place called Prime Toffee

F- (the)Flavor is so good

F- Fun to eat

E- Everyone likes this stuff

E- Envy people who are eating toffee right now

Members of the small English community then adopted the word T.O.F.F.E.E to describe the delicious salty and sweet candy they were eating, made from sugar, butter and molasses. From there, the delicacy spread to other parts of the country, where the acronym was lost but the name remained.

Next time you’re enjoying some delicious toffee from Prime Toffee, reflect back on the true meaning of the word for an even better experience.


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